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Award Winning Author, Lalita Yeldell-Sylvers was recently honored at the Black Books Achievement Awards, hosted by The Nat Turner Library.  She received the prestigious Assata Shakur Justice Award for her literary works.

Lalita also recently appeared on Genealogy Adventures. Please click on the link below to watch the segment.

Lalita's featured writing, Circumcision of A Wounded Heart: An Unjust Journey Due to Systemic Racism, Classism, & Oppression is currently for sale.

This is a compelling read and will have you on the edge of your seat. Get your copy today. You won't regret it!!! 

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Below is the Synopsis of Lalita Yeldell-Sylvers Newest Edition...

Circumcision of A Wounded Heart:

An Unjust Journey Due to Systemic Racism, Classism, & Oppression.

DATE OF RELEASE~APRIL 23, 2021~Ebook & Print Version

DATE OF RELEASE~MAY 8, 2021~Audiobook Version

Lalita is in for the ride of her life after a terrible head-on collision ends in tragedy. With two people dead, one injured, and Lalita fighting for her life, unconscious for almost a month, she awakes to a complete nightmare. With broken arms, legs, memory lost, a shattered pelvis, and a ruptured liver, it’s just the beginning of her world turned upside down. While the worst has yet to happen, Lalita has no idea of the hell she’s about to face. With crooked cops, prosecutorial overzealousness, and an unjust system, Lalita is landed in prison for crimes she didn’t commit. After trying to overcome obstacles of Racism, Classism, and Oppression she looks to God for answers through prayer, which leads her to truth and understanding, helping her find peace.

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Award Winning Author Lalita Yeldell-Sylvers

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